As a branch of Groupe SERMA, HCM.SYSTREL was established from the merger of HCM and SYSTREL companies in 2013.

Offering key strength subcontracting services in microelectronic back- end, HCM.SYSTREL employs approximately 60 people, and has a reversal of 10 M€.The company mainly focuses its expertise in high-technology sectors such as implanted medical, oil research, Defence,Spatial and any specific environmentwhere reliability, compactness,and resistance to high temperatures are needed.

HCM.SYSTREL is reputable by major contractors and institutions (ESA, CNES, DGA, AEC, etc.) for its skills and quality level of service.

Our business: Assembly and Manufacturing of ceramic substrates.

HCM.SYSTREL manufactures high reliability components, such as SCM, MCAs and custom modules, all complying with the SPATIAL market requirements.

We have a key strength on delivering large spectrum packaging solutions (from 2-pins components to high-integrated components) for a wide range of devices, starting fromexisting devices to obsolete and re-engineered components.

HCM.SYSTREL has particular focus on performing all the specific tests (environmental, marking ,life tests, shock, burn-in, Hermeticity, acceleration, vibration tests and PIND …etc.) which match with MIL standards high-level requirements

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NEW since 2012

LA ROCHELLE assembly plant recently integratedin its facilities, last generationof Surface Mounted Technology (SMT)line; and by the way, strengthened its competencies inMulti-Chip Modules assembly(MCM).

Combined with die bonding and wire bonding existing Equipments,CMS( 01005, 0402 to 2412, BGA, CBGA, LBGA, MBGA, PBGA, PLCC, xQFP, TSOP etc.)Report from waffle-pack or reelsand Reflow Park machines, allow us to address high-density mixed technologies (chips/ CMS) ..


La Rochelle: Tel 33 (0)5 46 45 12 70 
Les Ulis: Tel 33 (0)1 69 07 80 39